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In 1964, HONDA MARINE was the first company that began to produce 4-stroke marine engines.
The choice has been done in order to have more reliable and clean products.
"In water people cultivate rice and fishes live: I don't want to contaminate it...Honda has to build 4-stroke engines”.

This still continues to be the company's philosophy.


bf 2 3 bf 5      bf-10                   bf-20    bf 40

bf 80bf 100            bf-135                            bf-225                       bf-250



The outboard complete range starts from engine of 2.3BHP till the brand-new 250 VTEC.

The first is a very light model (only 13kg), single-cylinder and it is the only one with automatic transmission accelerator.

Among the twin-cylinders we find the new models  HP 8-10-15 and HP 20, fully updated, with a 4 blades propeller as standard equipment, battery recharge kit and a unique torque.

In “without licence” category (in Italy) there's the 40HP model 808cc, a fuel-injected engine with 3 cylinders which offers a unique weight/power ratio considering its weight of only 96kg.

Another model is the new Bf 40E 1000cc which supports 70hp power. Their BLAST system checks the injection timing, optimising air/fuel ratio and assuring low consumption and high performances. Furthermore, Bf40 is provided with NMEA2000 module that interfaces the external instrumentation like gps,consumption counter etc.

The new BF60 is a 1000cc engine with 3 cylinders and we can describe it as a heap of technology! Like BF40 it also supports the BLAST system and it is provided with a 17Ampere alternator that guarantees the battery charge.

Regarding the 4-strokes engines, HONDA MARINE offers the new hp80 and hp100Vtec models. The last one supports the VTEC technology (Variable Valve Timing and Lift Electronic Control), a patented system derived from  Formula One's world that can change the timing and lift of the intake valves  to ensure high performances at both low and high rpms.

As far as the range of 4 cylinder high bracket HONDA MARINE produces the HP115, the HP135 and the HP150. They have cubic capacity of 2354 and unique levels of power and torque. The Bf115 is the only one in its category with a such  high cubic capacity  and HP150 supports the Vtec system.



About the category with 6 cylindres HONDA MARINE offers engine with power HP200 and HP250 with cubic capacity of 3471, ideals for rubber boats and boats till 8 meter long.

During the Boat Show in Genova, as absolute preview, it has been presented the Bf 250Vtec. It is a completely new engine with 6 cylinders and cubic capacity of  3583. The features are: the innovative air intake system “POWER INTAKE” which sucks the outside air directly into the engine avoiding the overheating; a new type of shaft especially designed to reach the maximum efficiency and a 2:1 reduction ratio.  The battery charging system is able to vary automatically in case of greater electric requirement.

These are only few features of the V6,the engine that will be the reference model  for high performances  and maximum fuel efficiency.

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